Plant locations

Already in 1907, Rafflenbeul and Hedtmann had parted company. Whilst Wilhelm Hedtmann found a new line in cables, Rudolf Rafflenbeul remained faithful to Eilpe, and the "rinds". That said, he moved his business to 65 Selbecker Strasse, where his mother had left him a plot of land. Here, between Selbecker Strasse and Woerth Strasse, the production facility was, in time, expanded. In 1936, after some thirty years, Rudolf Rafflenbeul sold the land and buildings to another company, the Federnwerk Horst Dannert.

Production was moved to Oberhagen, where one year before a 30,000 square metre property with factory buildings, rail terminal and water power had been purchased from a Hagen steel foundry, shut since the 1920’s. The headquarters of the company is still on this site, even today.

Some two decades earlier, during the First World War, in 1917, Rafflenbeul had purchased property in Vorhalle, on Schlieckmann Strasse, where a fabrication shop as well as flats (now known as VW Roettger) were built. From 1925 onwards, the company produced cotter pins, stamped products and chain link for agricultural machinery. Production form here was also moved to the new site at Oberhagen in 1936.

In this way, the Eilpe and Vorhalle works were brought under one roof, leading to considerable synergies.