Self-adhesive washers MONTIX®

What‘s this? Sticky washers? MONTIX® self-adhesive washers

Self-adhesive MONTIX® washers from M3 to M12 now available.

Simply use them as they come in the pack — secure fixing of the washer in position guaranteed.

Self-adhesive washers are always handy, just detach from the tape and apply! They will stick and stay stuck.

Stick on - stay on – Save time and money

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>

Montix®-Website: All details about the Self-adhesive washers.


Montix® is employed in all areas where rapid, reliable fi xing is required. Where time means money and where work and production are performed on a sustained ecological basis.

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>In electrical jobs, Montix® prevents short circuiting. The washers stay put. Also, Montix® reinforces delicate printed circuit board screw connections.

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>In conjunction with the fastener, Montix® quickly transforms any nut or screw into a complete nut or screw assembly.

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>In sanitary installation work, Montix® also adheres to damp walls, locates and reinforces future drill points.

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>In the trades, Montix® makes it easier to work overhead and enhances safety, as one hand is always free.

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>In automotive work, attach Montix® washers in place before coating. Tighten up after coating.

Self-adhesive washers MONTIX<sup>®</sup>Montix® Boat buildingIn boat building Montix® is used between the layers to mark and reinforce future drill points.

These are just a few of the applications where Montix® makes work easier, safer and cheaper.

Special-purpose Montix® applications:

We can produce Montix® on request in any appropriate materials and sizes and fitted with special adhesive (heat resistant up to 300 °C). Feel free to contact us!

Montix® self-adhesive washers are available in sizes M3 to M12:

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MONTIX M4 Unterlegscheiben
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The benefits to be gained by using MONTIX® self-adhesive washers:

All stamped materials processed:

MONTIX® dimensions:

Surface treatment:

Further lasting innovations from Rafflenbeul:

We are also capable of supplying all the DIN parts mentioned above in non-standard dimensions e.g. with other lips or modified diameters in the thickness you require. Parts deviating from the DIN standard dimensions are available both in special materials and in steel.

MONTIX® – adhesive washers and shimming washers – yet another innovative product from Rafflenbeul Stahlwarenfabrik – guaranteed to stick.

Rafflenbeul, the TS 16949 certified specialists for individual stamped and formed parts..